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Learn to contemplate

Date: Every Monday evening.
Teachers: Christine Romberg and Franz Inberger

In our turbulent world it seems like our lives descend into chaos. What would happen if we could have confidence and clarity in our daily routine,instead of stress and rush?

In this seminar you will find out how to tame the wild horse of yourinner ghosts so that you can feel inner confidence and clarity.

At CALM & CLEAR you´ll have sparkling speeches, annuals on how to meditate, sitting-meditation lessons and group discussions.

Conditions: Nothing, it´s a beginner seminar. To be open to self-awareness, yoga and spirituality.


Spiritual hypnotherapy / Level 1

Date: Every Thursay evening.

For all those who are seeking answers for „why me“ or „why not me“ regards what is happening or not happening in your life. With respect to your health, relations, Circumstances etc. This is best opportunity to tap the powers of your subconscious mind.

We are losing touch with our inner (re)source. Subconscious mind is a bridge to link us to inner resources to channelize our out (side re)sourcs.

The course content includes the following

  • History and the development of mind
  • Theory of mind
  • Concept of hypnosis
  • Identification of hypnotic state
  • Theory of suggestibility
  • Types of suggestibility, its implication and applications in hypnosis
  • Laws of suggestibility
  • Different techniques of hypnotic induction
  • Concept of depth of hypnotic state
  • Various levels of depth of hypnosis
  • Gathering issues from the client for first session
  • Handling difficult people for hypnotherapy alternative techniques
  • Self hypnosis
  • Formulating and implanting suggestions with consent of client

The above concepts and theory would be supported with demonstration of technique, and practice sessions for the  participants. Course notes with the scripts would be provided during the course for reference and enable you to practice even after the course.

Conditions: To be opened for self-awareness, yoga and spirituality.


Spiritual hypnotherapy / Level 2

Date: Every Thursay morning.

In Level 2 Hypnotherapy you learn about relationship counseling, smoking cessation, inner child Integration, passive aggressive behavior management and the cord cutting therapy

Conditions: Level 2 is an advanced course for all those who have already visited Level 1 hypnotherapy.


Fumigate negative energy out of your room!

We´ve a special surprise for all of you: Dr. Kristin Petes will visit our spaces and inform you about the old fumigate tradition. After the workshop of Dr. Benagen Denter, it´s a pleasure for us that her personal mentor will join us.

You´ll be informed about the roots of fumigation and you´ll get to know a lot about the way our ancestors used this method. Besides, you´ll get to know a lot about fumigate plants and Dr. Petes will send you on a relaxed journey through your thoughts. She will also tell you how to fumigate your rooms!

  1. Warm-up: Dr. Kristin Petes talks about herself and her spiritual path and she wants to get to know all of you and your expectations. Then she will tell you about the goals  of this course.
  2. Short introduction with visualistics and books about fumigation.
  3. Prepare the fumigation: Fumigate-plants with all of your sins! Learn everything about the utensils and terms.
  4. Fumigate journey through your thoughts
  5. Lunch
  6. How to fumigate your room.
  7. Open round, you can ask her everything that you want to know about fumigation
Please send a message to 5785246 if you would like to join this course.


Spiritual Practices Workshop

Date: Every Wednesday evening.

How to Develop a Spiritual Practice for Growth and Peace
For those on a spiritual path and journey of truth, maintain a daily spiritual practice is imperative and necessary to grow spiritually higher and advanced.

In this spiritual practice workshop, you will learn:

  • How to develop a daily spiritual practice
  • The power of daily spiritual practice
  • Spiritual practices that help you become more spiritually, mentally, and physically disciplined
  • How the mind plays tricks to keep you away from self-improvement and from practicing daily
  • Times during the day spiritual practice is most beneficial and healing
  • Mantras as a spiritual practice
  • Meditation as a spiritual practice
  • Breathing techniques as a spiritual practice
  • Effect ancient spiritual practices
  • How to sit comfortably for long periods of time
  • Stretches that help relax the body
After taking this workshop, you will have created a daily spiritual practice that can be easily followed as soon as you return home.

Summary of Benefits:
  • Mind will no longer interfere with your daily practice
  • Schedule of daily spiritual practices
  • Discipline of mind and body
  • Calmness, peace, and inner silence
  • Become spiritually advanced
  • Meditate comfortably
  • Experience Soul
  • Use a special spiritual practice suitable for you

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