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From: 84568202
Subject: Re: Fw: Not amused about new roommate

Hi Custo, Thomas is a real gentleman as long as everyone dances after his pipe. He´s not very nice to Derman and we should really move Derman out of his space because he seems to have some real problems and we should make sure that the situation doesn´t escalate. Thomas never joins one of our courses! He seems very absent minded and spends most of his freetime in front of his computer. We are already watching him and we already forced him to join us. We also informed the headquarter. Yours, 05668866

> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: [Fw: Not amused about new roommate]

>hi, can you please check 0645342 and >tell me more about him? custo

>> -----Original Message-----
>> Subject: [Not amused about new >>roommate]

>>Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, last week a
>>guy called Derman walked into my room
>>and told me that he was my new
>>roommate. He had an official
>>and your security guard Mr. Waltz told
>>me that everything was correct and >>that it was necessary that he lived >>with me now in my VERY SMALL room. My >>toilet was bigger than my whole space,
>>so please get this man out of my >>space! I can´t stand living with a >>stranger, that´s why I´m absolutely >>not amused about this new

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