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22.03.2010 //

How to find the right spiritual path?

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It is not necessary that you change your way of life. You only have to change your mind and keep it in everything you do concerning God. Then you will get automatically inspired to do only things that are good for you. So every soul is always led in accordance with their individual needs. But what does ”right“ mean? How to find the right spiritual path that really leads to the goal, and is good for your personal needs? Otherwise you might waste your time trying to follow a path that does not consider what he promises. Or you risk living a path that ultimately proves to be a dead end street for too long, because you notice that it is suitable for all kinds of people, not only for yourself – every soul has its own nature and its own spiritual development!

Therefore every path is not good for everyone, and therefore you must find a path that is tailored to your circumstances. The goal is to reunite your soul with God. The path of the reunification is based on divine revelations, which are not representative of the time changing. "The law of the Lord is perfect, and leads the soul back to God" (cf. Ps 19:8). God’s law contains everything that is needed to enable the soul to return to its original divine state.

A feature of the spiritual path is that he works with divine revelations. These revelations come directly from God. They give us inspiration, inner guidance and divine knowledge. Therefore it is not possible to move away from the right path as soon as you have found it.

Important indicators of the spiritual path:

The most important characteristic of the spiritual path is that he reveals his true being to us from the inside, we do not have to look for it. The spiritual path is full of love. God is the epitome of love, and the people who have followed the right path embody love with their whole body. Love is his great passion, passion that will also inspire us to follow the path.

The path is a path of peace. He creates peace in ourselves and therefore in the world.

The spiritual path leads to inner peace and serenity because God neutralizes our inner tensions. E.g. Sometimes we think that someone did us wrong and so we get angry with him/her. Later we may realise that this injury was only the compensation of our own karma, and we stop being angry with him/her.

The spiritual path is a way of joy and happiness. God makes sure that we are happy in the world, and then he grows in our inner soul until we are completely filled with deep joy.

The spiritual path is very pleasant to us so that we quickly find pleasure with it. When someone orders us to go through fire or to face ice-cold water for religious reasons, we will not find pleasure in that. But when someone invites us to sit down quietly and think of nothing, we will like that and think that´s beautiful. Therefore it is not difficult for us to follow this path, and it´s a pleasure for us to practise it.

"This way you can eat, drink, dance and enjoy your life in the world and you will still find salvation." It is not necessary that you change your way of life. You may as well continue pursuing your worldly activities – you only need to change your mind and keep everything you do, addressed to God. There is also no need to change your eating habits and to prefer or avoid certain food. You only have to pay your attention to God while you eat, then everything else will happen automatically. Then you will automatically get inspired to eat what is good for you, and in general get a natural aversion to anything that could injure yourself.

By this principle of the spiritual path it is also a very personal way to God. E.g. the killing of animals isn’t forbidden. The only thing that you have to do is to turn yourself inside out at everything you do so that your inner soul can tell you what to do. Even Jesus Christ told his followers: "Don´t prepare the reaction to certain situations in advance - all you have to know is that your own inside will tell you the right solution in the appropriate moment." (cf. Mt 10:19).

This explains the apparent contradiction why two students under the same circumstances may receive completely opposite directions. The reason is that each soul has its own spiritual development and is always maintained in accordance with it.

God dwells in our hearts and keeps a constant watch over us. So he knows exactly what we need in every moment. And therefore also the way back to Him, whether we call him yoga of the soul, or the path of religion, he will always be tailored to our needs.


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