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22.03.2010 //

500th day event

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Dear friends of QT! Time passes too fast, we´d like to stop it, but we can´t. It´s okay that it passes but not if you don´t enjoy every moment. You have to taste the warm harmony around you and our friends, then you´re on the right path. Right now, we´re doing our best to organise our 500th day event and we can´t do that unless you help us. It´s OUR event, OUR ceremony, it´s in god´s hands how beautiful this ceremony will be. We still remember the 1000th day celebration and we´re glad that the 500th will be bigger and better. Our fellowship grows and your talents grow with it. So what do you wanna do? Do you wanna dance, do you wanna smoke or do you just want to relax, sit down and listen to our harmonic music? The 1000th event was kind of amazing because it was silent, silent without feeling ashamed of saying nothing. It was the sweetest melody of our life, it was like we´re already there. But we think that it´s time to make some noise at the 500th, time to scream out our negative energy. Maybe you wanna scream, or a screaming band - write us your feedback - Your P.R.-office


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