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22.03.2011 //

Japan changed the world

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Dear friends of Quarantime, did you realise that the earthquake and tsunami in Japan were the next messages god sent us? With our deepest sympathy we want to cross our fingers for those who still hope that a missed person will come home. Good luck to you and also a lot of luck to build up your destroyed country again. We hope that you won´t have to live in a totally contaminated land without hope. We feel with you and we hope the best for each of you!

As you can see: God's not on our side, he wants revenge for all of the
bad companies that exploit the earth and cut down the (rain) forests for their own immortal enrichment. They destroy the world! The Earth is heating up and our own human race destroys it every day a little bit more, e.g. as you can see in Japan, with its own nuclear power solution.

A negative "sensation" placed our earth a few millimeters from its normal path. Do you know what that means? It means that we had to change our Quarantime evaluation. Our good old expert on that area, Mr. Nagahunaski, tells you about the new crazy things that go on in our world:

Dear friends of Quarantime. I hope the best for Japan and I hope that they won´t have to start their new lives on a totally contaminated land without hope. Let us pray for them!

Quarantime changed with that negative sensation too. The huge earthquake changed our world's orbit. That´s why we had to make a new calculation of our Quarantime as you can see. But as you already know: As a friend of QT, you don´t have to worry about good and evil - you only have to live your life!


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